100% natural sea salt flavors | No chemicals. Pure goodness.

Meet the Chief Movers & Shakers


Life should be about delicious pleasures and sharing one’s discoveries. The first time we tasted an infused finishing salt we had a “Come to Jesus Moment!” An awakening of the senses, a burst of flavor, a mouth watering sensation, and in that moment, we knew it was our calling. It’s our quest to introduce you to the alluring flavors and seductive wonders of salt, you will never go back to plain white again!

We are a grassroots company in San Francisco, a city of discerning taste, so we created world-class salts for the most curious of palates. Equally important, we are a reflection of the city we love, a city that embraces free expression. SinfulSalt, find your creativity in every pinch.

Rhonda – Creator, with a wild flair for flavor and a sense of adventure. Took the proverbial leap of faith and kissed the corporate world good bye! Quick with a smile, believes everything is possible and inspiration is everywhere.

Petra – Designer/Creator, intensely driven, passionate, brilliantly edgy! A lot bit Swedish, a little bit American. She brings a worldwide vision to all she does.

Together we created SinfulSalt, a new testament to salt. Sinfully engaging, sinfully delicious and a hell-of-a-lot of fun!

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