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Our first year in review…

Now that we have a sec to catch our breath we wanted to share our SINsational first year. We had so many great experiences with Fab retailers and wonderful people who gave us opportunity and inspiration. We kicked off SinfulSalt at Olive This Olive That “Saints & Sinner Party”, a good Omen or what! Janell and Mary, proprietors of Olive This Olive That, the beautiful olive oil store and so much more in Noe Valley were so welcoming, endless gratitude to you. Their store is one store you cannot miss! We happily shared new beginnings with an impressive new website, unique products sourced locally from SF retailers & brands like us! "Thoughtfulness, Hand Delivered" and within hours to boot! Super simple, super easy and has been super successful for SinfulSalt! A leap into the Big Leagues, we showcased and sampled in Los Angeles at The Ultimate Women's Expo, WOW! We couldn't sample fast enough with over 25,000 happy mouths willing to experience salts that go beyond plain white! Thank you Ultimate Women's Expo! Our favorite thing next to Salt… Wine! Wine is divine and we love you Cline! Cline Cellars in Sonoma with their delicious wines, charming vineyards and fun spirit! SinfulSalt found a perfect home to share love and laughter proudly displaying our salts in their tasting room as well as sampling at Clines’s special events. A heartfelt thanks to all the special people at Cline! And one good wine deserves another… SinfulSalt set up a sinfully fun salt bar at Bluxome Street Winery’s end of the month Saturday "Meet Market" it’s just the type of pick up joint we love, fine wine meets creative foods and gifts by us locals. SinfulSalt will be there again Saturday February 22 & March 29, come “meet” us! Proud. SinfulSalt is so Proud to be in Under One Roof a very special store that sells fun and unique gifts to help support 21 Bay Area HIV/AIDS service organizations and the LGBT community. We are so happy to be involved with their heartfelt efforts. Big Hugs to Bryan who guides the ship and to all the volunteers at Under One Roof who open their hearts and give their time, you all make a difference. Small but Mighty and a hell of a lot of fun, Cork Pops had a intimate women’s shopping night at their warehouse. You put a small group of women together who love to shop, you get a Sinfully Successful night for SinfulSalt! Thank you to Susan and her friends! SinfulSalt wrapped up the year in Oakville Grocery, the best little find along Highway 29. Oakville Grocery, a destination that can’t be missed! Outrageous sandwiches, cheeses, wines, desserts and just about everything in-between like SinfulSalts to top your sandwich to chocolate cake or as sinfully good gift... and soon to be in Oakville Grocery, Healdsburg too! SinfulSalts found their way into progressive sites like Good Eggs, in holiday gift baskets and in blogs; HOSTESS GIFTS WITH A TWIST, thank you – being Sinful has it’s privileges! Finally we couldn’t of done it without Word of Mouth… To all of our family, friends, retailers, event planners, website customers and those who believed in us preaching the gospel of SinfulSalt, you are our soul mates. It’s with unsurmountable gratitude we Thank You – You’ve earned your wings! At SinfulSalt we operate on the edge, doing innovating and creative things to introduce people to the delicious wonders and OMG moments of salt. Life is about flavor, life is about sharing, it’s about laugher and love. We hope we’ve achieved all of this in a little jar of salt! “Hostess Gifts With A Twist” proudly featured:

SixDoors has launched a big campaign with 12 bloggers to curate some of their favorite gift ideas and items in stores across SF, and we've been featured on the blog Urban Suburbanite! We encourage all of you to #ShopLocalSF this season!

SinfulSalt Confession Blog

SinfulSalt Confession Blog shares intriguing ways to use our salts. We’re all about new salt discoveries on foods, laughter and true confessions! We begin our blog with a Blessing... We say throw the baby out with the bath water, in other words, the plain white salt with the shaker and embrace to be baptized into the pure goodness of SinfulSalt. Hold tight, our "OMG" Oh My God Moments are coming next... Those are moments when you sprinkle SinfulSalt on a food and say "OMG" that's outrageous!   We Adhere to the 7 Deadly Sins: 1. Lust – Inordinate craving for pleasure. We hope you lust after our sinfully seductive salts. 2. Gluttony – An inordinate desire to consume more than that which one requires. We are consumed with desire to give you more to enjoy. 3. Greed – Desire for material wealth or gain, ignoring the realm of the spiritual. At SinfulSalt we share the wealth, so be greedy with our salts so others can prosper. 4. Sloth – Avoidance of physical or spiritual work. We work our asses off and count our blessings everyday. 5. Wrath – Manifested in individuals who spurn love, opts for fury, known as Wrath. We say Love Conquers All... Love more, Laugh more. 6. Envy – The desire for others' traits, status, abilities. We strive to be the Envy of all salts. 7. Pride – The sin from which all others arise, known as Vanity. We at SinfulSalt take Pride in our products.

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